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Hello friends, in today’s new era, everyone knows about blogging. But am I still writing it? What is blogging? I will try to give you full details in Hindi, so let’s start with this article.

Many of you will know that you can earn money online from it by making a blog. On the Internet / web you’ll create your own blog. A blog means Web access, where you can share your knowledge and skills with people.

Today millions of people search for their problems on Google on the Internet and when they find solutions to their problems, those solutions show you the results of a particular website on google search engine, the same site called Blog.

What is a Blog (Kya Hai Blog)

If you are reading this article, you need to know more about blogging. A blog is also called a web log, in fact a blog is a type of website that is updated periodically. Content that stays within the blog is published daily, this work is done by Blogger himself.

Blogger writes such content on its website that people can get help with reading. In simple language, the purpose of a blog is to attract more people to their blog and content on their blog. It benefits him and his student. You can attain several goals from your blog.

Blog Writing Styles

How you write and post a blog is also very important. If you don’t write it right your visitor won’t understand it. Blogs are written in 2 ways.

Informal Style Blogging: It is called when you write about a topic and tell people your details.

Conversation Style Blog: It is called when you report something or something you are writing about. It tells both the public opinion and your view of it.

What is blogging (Kya Hai blogging)

Now the question should have entered your mind what is blogging after all? Blogging is a way to make your information more accessible to people.

A blog is a type of web page. When a blogger writes and publishes his content on his blog, the same work is called blogging. If you know even a little bit about blogging, then your blog works and is easily managed.

If you want to blog, then you can blog your favorite topic. You start blogging by writing content for one of the topics Niche Blogging, Micro Niche Blogging, Event Blogging, Tech Blogging, Fashion Blogging, Health Blogging.

What is Blogger (Blogger Kya Hai)

Blogger is said to be the person who keeps his blog alive, that is, he continues to publish other content on his blog every day. To keep his blog live.

Types of blogging

We have given you all the information about blogging so far. You should have learned a lot from him which blog is paid for. Now we’ll mention what percentage sorts of blogging are done.

If you want to make good money with blogging, then it is very important to know about types of blogging, rather than two types of blogging.

Professional Blogging.
Personal Blogging

Professional Blogging: Called active bloggers, people who make full-fledged blogging mean they are working on making blogging their own. A professional blogger always writes all the details on his blog in detail.

Personal Blogging: Her blog is called when she writes and shares content about the experience. They only do temporary blogging. Nothing is said about him for money, he writes blogs about his happiness.

Can I Make Money With A Blog?

Yes, you can earn a lot of money with your blog if you really blog. So its straightforward answer is that you just willl egitimise / monetize your web log content with Google AdSense. You can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing from the blog.

I know of many bloggers earning millions of dollars a month from a blog. For example, I give you less than 6 lakh of ShoutMeLoud CEO Harsh Agarwal Monthly from his blog.

What is professional blogging?

Can you make a paid blog without strategy? The answer is no. If you want to make official blogging, then you should always make a plan and follow it.

Professional Blogging is very different from personal blogging. On a professional blog, you should write content with excellent SEO. Active bloggers regularly create backlinks on their blog site.

Pro Blogger doesn’t always believe Quantity but in Quality. His blog has at least 1500 to 2000 words, with excellent SEO, Keywords Targeting and Link Building.

Is Blogging Easy or Hard?

Blogging has always been easy for bloggers, which means that if you write blogs for months or years, then you should have a very good idea of how to be a good person in a very short time. You can write a top / high quality blog.

If you work for a company. At this time you cannot give full time to blogging, thus, you are writing an incomplete blog and most of the time we are writing blog content. At the time, it was difficult for staff to write in writing.

Important Tips for Professional Blogger

I have been in the blogging field for the past 4 years, so I have good knowledge and experience in blogging. I will tell you some important details and technical tips that you can be a good blogger after following.

Write different content

To be successful on a blog, it is very important to write different content. If you do not write unique content you will never be able to be a professional blogger.

Write content that is slightly different from other content, which means write an article that is completely free of plagiarism, by doing so Google will also receive a message that your original content is written, which will help you to place more.

You need to be patient

If you are new to blogging, then it is very important to keep you patient. Because it is currently your start and if you publish any content in writing, it will not be listed immediately on Google.

In that case, patience is vital. Many features seem to put your content on Google and in my opinion it will take at least 3 months to rate your posts on google.

Write to Niche

Whatever topic you create for your blog, write on the same topic to the end. It should not happen that you are writing an article on another topic other than that topic and you should not get success in writing both essays.

It means that if you are writing an article about SEO, then you should publish articles of all important SEO-related information. If you publish Gaming-related posts, then your user information will also be corrupted.

Always Desire

If you don’t like blogging, then it’s very difficult to find success on a blog. Because a real blogger is the one who keeps his blog updated on Time. That means you have to publish content on your blog every day.

You write content over and over again, but it doesn’t rank on Google, you don’t have to be disappointed with it. You just have to be compelled to be a lot of discriminating with the help you render toward individuals people .

Make guest posting

If traffic doesn’t come to your blog or your blog is experiencing a lot of difficulty in seo. In that case, you should write a guest post. There square measure several edges to writing a guest post. For example, by writing guest posts, your blog will be known on the authority website.

By sending a visitor, you will get traffic and your blog will get new ownership. To the best of my knowledge, most people know about you by sending a visitor and Do Follow Backlink is also very important to seo.

Blogs for others

If you want to know any kind of information, or have to write articles on other content, then it is very important to read the blogs of others. After you do this, you will find information on their blog and you will also know how to compete with your competitors.

In order to improve your article by leaving rivals behind, you will need to understand their strategy and explain important details to the audience by writing essays and keeping in mind how they write essays.

Create backlinks

How to create a backlink: You will know that unless you build a good book follow the backlinks of your blog, then the chances of your blog being ranked are reduced. If you are successful in creating backlinks from good websites half seo is the same.

Backlinks are a Backlink link. In the Pnb Backlink, Social Media Backlinks, Comment Backlink, Dofollow Backlink, Nofollow Backlink, High Domain Authority Backlink, Guest Post Backlink What blog traffic means.

I Want Search Search To create a location
There is lakhs of traffic on social media and social media is not just for entertainment. You create your account on social media and if you share the article written by your blog, then many people get to know about your blog, which is very important for Seo.

Continue to update the blocks

If you are writing a blog article on a trending topic, you will need to be updated regularly and your blog should also be updated regularly. If you have written any incomplete information in your article, you will need to update it with new information.

Regularly updating the blog will send a message to google pages that you are very fond of blogging and within a few days Google will start putting your article in first place.

How to make your own block

You can write good writing, which means you can start your own blog right now. You get two platforms for blogging. You can create a free blog on one platform and you can create a paid blog on another platform, so let us know how to create your own blog.


Blogger is a free flatform here where you can build your blog. Blogger is a google product there, which allows you to build a high quality blog for free.

To create a blog, you want to have a blogger. com and you must register. When you will need to enter the blogging world by creating a blog by customizing the template, selecting the blog tittle and domain name, blog link.


At you should invest some money to build a blog website. To start your blog on wordpress, it is very important to get good company hosting. This means that wordpress is a paid platform where you can customize and manage your blog easily.

In WordPress you get many premium features with the help of which you can put your blog on google easily. WordPress offers you Plugins, Themes and many other features that can offer you.

Would it be okay to start a blog in 2021

It is absolutely true that blogging in 2021 is very difficult. Because in this new generation, most people like to blog. As a result, competition in the blogging industry has grown exponentially.

But if you write articles about blogging hard, then no one can stop you from succeeding. Yes, it is true that it can take some time to succeed on the blog, but in the end you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work.

my opinion
In today’s article, we have taught you how your father’s blog (how to make a blog in Hindi) can earn money through blogging. We have given you all this information in Hindi. I hope so. You must have liked this article written by me, you should share it with your friends. Or you can ask by commenting and read more tech blogs Thank you.

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