What important Need You To Do to Start Blogging?

If you are a new blogger and these posts are falling for the purpose of blogging, then this post is going to be for you, today we are going to tell you, what are the things we must have to start blogging? If you want to blogging in the right way, then only you will read this post, otherwise, you can leave this post on it.

First of all, let me tell you about myself how I started blogging. Guys, I started blogging only 6 months ago. I did not even know what blogging would be like.

But I was very serious about blogging and I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and lots of articles on Google. And after knowing everything, I started blogging. I have a passion for blogging. I want to see this passion inside you. If you are getting these posts for the purpose of starting blogging in Really.

The sequence

  1. What are the things that need to be done to start blogging
    1.1. Must have laptop or computer
    1.2. Must have a passion
    1.3. Must be a domain name
    1.4. Must be hosting
    1.4.1. my opinion

What do you have to have to start blogging

So let us now start with what things you will need to do blogging. Friends, let me tell you, this journey will not be so easy for you. You have to work hard in this. You may see the disappointment in the beginning.

But you do not have to be demotivated. I did not make any profit for a few months. I was also very disappointed but I did not quit blogging. You don’t have to give up and keep working. Only then you will get success in blogging.

So if you want to know how I started blogging in the beginning and how you can start blogging too, what things you will need to start blogging, then you complete this post. Hopefully, this post will benefit you a lot.

And whatever people are reading this post so far, people are quite serious about blogging. So now you do not leave this post in the middle and complete it. So let’s now tell you what things you will need to start blogging.

Must have laptop or computer

Friends, if you want to blogging, then it is very important to have a laptop or computer. You can also be blogging from the phone, but your time in it will be very bad. There are some tips and ways with which you can blogging in less time than your phone.

And whatever you earn by blogging from mobile, you can also take a laptop or computer for yourself. But if you are serious about blogging and want to make your career in blogging, then you will have to take a laptop or computer. Because with their help your blogging will become very easy.

And at the present time, everyone will have a laptop or computer. So if you have anything laptop and computer, then you can start blogging.

Must have a passion

If you want to start blogging and get success in blogging, then you must have a passion for blogging. Because unless you have a passion inside you, then your mind will not be engaged in blogging. When I started blogging

So for a few months, I did not get any benefit but I had a passion for blogging and I kept blogging. The result of this is that I am earning well and I am also able to tell you how to do blogging and what is necessary for this. So I would just like to say that you must have a passion for blogging.

Must be a domain name

So, friends, it is very important to have a domain to start blogging, now you can purchase a domain for yourself from any good website. There are many websites such as LaxVhost, Godaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, and from which you can buy domains for yourself. No one has to take a domain which

Your blog is related to Niche. As if you want to start your own blog related to technology, then your domain should be related to technology. Tech World must come to your domain. Just like if your blog is related to food

So Food World must come into your domain. Meaning that you are starting your blog on any topic or niche. Your domain should be related to that topic. Because if you buy only the domain related to your website, then you will get quick growth.

And yes guys you buy your own domain name .Com only. Because .com domain will rank in All Over India. The rest is your wish, you can buy whatever domain you want. And try to make the name of your website a little shorter like – “” if it is too short then you will have to keep such a short website name.

Must be hosting

After friends domain, we need hosting, you can buy hosting from anywhere, you will get many such websites which will give good hosting in cheap rupees. But if you want the best hosting, you can buy hosting from the website given below, it is the best hosting website in India.

  • LaxVhost
  • A2 Hosting
  • Reseller Club
  • Blue Host
  • Namecheap
  • SiteGroud

After purchasing the hosting, you have to connect your domain to the hosting and then you can create your website.
And one more thing, if you do not have the money to buy hosting and domain, then you can make your website on Blogger, here you get free blogger hosting and free subdomain of blogger, then you can start your website on blogger. Can do

And when you start getting some income, you can buy hosting and host your website on WordPress from Blogger. Because your posts will rank faster on WordPress than on Blogger. And in WordPress, you get some such themes and plugins which will also increase your Seo. But in the end, I would just like to say that if you have your own money, then you can build your website on WordPress.

my opinion

So I hope you all would have liked our post. And you guys are serious about blogging, that’s why your post is full. So now you do not delay at all and start your blogging. Follow what I told you in this post and make your website by buying a domain and hosting. Otherwise, if you have any problem, then you must tell me by commenting. And tell me how much you enjoyed the post.

Otherwise, if you want to talk to me personally and ask your questions, then you can follow me on social media too. Links to our social media are given below. Otherwise, you can visit our YouTube channel and understand how to make a website through video. The name of our YouTube channel is Techno Pradyum. So much is available in today’s post with Jai Hind Jai Bharat till then with Next Post.


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