Saiyami Kher’s Newest Seems to be Will Make You Need To Take On The Monochrome Development

#Saiyami Kher. The thing about wearing a monochrome is that .. you don’t need professional guidance to do it. Wear one color from head to toe or multiple shades and their hues, saving the appearance of tones that do not require any time or effort. And what makes this strenuous and A-lister practice better? The power of a monochrome dress to make you look hella stylish and compact even if you choose the most basic silhouettes in your wardrobe on a lazy day.

Saiyami Kher agrees. The actor has been incorporating wearing one shade up and down in the promotion of his latest project, Wild Dog released April 2, 2021. Stylized by Sanjay Kumar, the front shows you our favorite monochrome Saiyami look played by promotional works. !

Saiyami Kher gives us a masterclass on wearing monochrome:

In the mustard
Mustard is such a refreshing color for almost any season! At one of the events, Saiyami was wearing a full-sleeved kurta with glossy designs. The neckline was adorned with gold beads that added a light touch to the look. He adorned the kurta with matching dupatta which saw stunning paintings of tones on the border. Statement gold earrings adorned with rounded gemstones and a flower-shaped ring serve as her objects of choice. The small gems, the same shades with the pop pop and the other bright ones in the kurta make the look very attractive, right?

Saiyami Kher

In another event, Saiyami gave the power to dress up but with a playful spin. He picked up a royal blue knit set that came with straight cut trousers, a matching top with a pointed collar and a blazer. Yes, the red and white stripes make a mixed impression on the ensemble but the small drawings of people wearing swimwear spread across the divisions make the whole look interesting! All in all, love the combination of a monochrome color scheme with subtle color pops.

Saiyami Kher
Saiyami Kher

It’s white
Let’s face it, there is nothing wrong with a bright white look. It is timeless and outdated! Using the power of this color combo, Saiyami opted for a white sports bra and adorned it with a cut-out, ivory jacket with silver studs. She shared the splits with two brightly colored trousers that included shades of white and ivory. How sharp but fun this looks, no?

Saiyami Kher

Which color reflects the summer mood better than yellow? Some yellow colors! Having said that, Saiyami has put on this shade sometimes with a romantic and feminine look. Her choice: sleeveless cut-top, laser cut with the same midi skirt. The lace necklace of the blouse gave the girl-neighbors a very good look. Neutral heels and rounded earrings complete her OOTD.

Saiyami Kher

In green hunter
One day, another set of combinations. This time, he chose the world set instead of his usual healthy options. He wore a green, hunting shirt with hunters in formal trousers, held high. The brightness of the look however was quirky clusters like sleeves, adorned with sequins and elegance. Black black heels served as a good finish to the look.

Saiyami Kher

Safe to say, Saiyami has nailed the monochrome dress! What is your favorite look? Tell us in the comments below.

#Saiyami Kher

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