Punjabi singer Kaka’s new song Ashiq Purana became a hit as soon as it was released, number one made in YouTube trend, see

New Punjabi Songs Aashiq Purana: Punjabi singer Kaka new song ‘Aashiq Purana’ has flown as soon as it arrives. This song is at number one on YouTube’s trend list. This song has been seen more than 14.2M times so far. Model Anjali Arora has performed with Kaka in this song.

The New song Aashiq Purana of Anjali Arora with Kaka crossed 14.2M views on YouTube and trending no 1

The new song of Kaka, that has become the heartbeat of Punjabi singer and youth, has launched on a daily basis before. The name of this song is ‘Aashiq Purana’. This song is choked with emotions and love. each love and pain square measure being seen during this song. folks are affected as shortly as this song arrives it’s being liked heaps. Model Anjali Arora has performed with Kaka during this song.

The ‘Aashiq Purana’ song has rocked as shortly as its unleash. The special issue is that beside singing this song, Kaka has composed its music and has written its lyrics. Adab Kharud has additionally given his feet during this. This song has been directed by Sukh D. The song has been launched on the one track studio’s YouTube channel.

The ‘Aashiq Purana’ song is roofed as shortly because it arrives. Kaka’s voice is creating folks crazy. quite seventy four large integer views are seen on YouTube in but on a daily basis. This song is at much loved within the trending list of YouTube. With such a lot of views, you’ll be able to guess what proportion it’s being liked . Anjali Arora is wanting terribly stunning during this song.

The beginning of the song is extremely painful. After this, there square measure some romantic and love moments in between and within the last it once more ends tragically. throughout this, romantic chemistry between Kaka and Anjali was additionally seen.

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