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Hello friends, how are you? Today we will tell you about the computer in full detail, and today we will know all the things that are necessary for you here, so if you know nothing about computers, what is a computer, what should we do? If you can use it kindly, stay with us. So let’s get started.

What is a computer?

Friends, if you have this question, what is a computer? So I would like to tell you that a computer is such an electronic device and we use it to make our job much easier. You all have heard it many times or you may have wondered what the difference is between a computer and a laptop.

Who made the computer?

So I’d like to tell you that we use a computer and a laptop to do the same job, the only difference is that we can’t take the computer anywhere but the laptop can take it anywhere, so now Sayyid You should have known the difference between a laptop and a laptop computer.
Friends, now the question must have come to your mind, who invented the computer? So I would like to tell you that the Saxs who invented computers are called CHARLES BABAGE, who invented computers in 1832, and is also called the father of computers. So friends, you must know who invented the computer.

How to use a computer?

Friends, using a computer in many ways, friends, if you have to do some work now, you will need a computer. Friends computer is widely used in Office, School, Bank, Collage or Flight. Friends, if you have to start a small or large business, you will still need a computer.

How many types of computers are there?

Friends are five types of digital computers.

1. Grid Computer

2. Super Computer

3. Mainframe Computer

4. Micro Computer

5. Mini Computer

Friends, the name of the computer we use is Micro Computer, there are 6 types of Friends Micro Computer.

1. Desktop Computer

2. Laptop Computer

3. Palmtop Computer

4. Notebook Computer

5. Pocket Computer

6. Tablet Computer

What is hardware? Basic Details.

Friends are the main components of the computer hardware that our computer operates, and even these components can be seen and touched, you can also call these components Mechanical, Electrical or Electron Components, on our computer separately. There are different types of hardware components such as:

CPU (Central Processing Unit):

Friends, CPU is a full form Central Processing Unit We call CPU for short. The CPU is called the main component of a computer. Without a CPU, a computer gets lonely because without a CPU our computer would not work. Its job is to carry out our instructions.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

The full form of HHD is Hard Disk Drive. Friends HDD’s job is to collect all our data from us. We may save a video, audio, photo or other text in it. Friends HDD was founded in 1957 by IBM Company.

Monitor / LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Friends, we use LCD to watch videos. The LCD has a full Liquid Crystal Display form. There are many types of LCD, LED and more.

Some Input Devices of Computer

  • Graphics Tablets
  • Video Capture Hardware
  • Trackballs
  • Barcode reader
  • Digital camera
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Gamepad
  • Joystick
  • Keyboard
  • Cameras
  • Microphone
  • Mouse (pointing device)
  • Scanner
  • Webcam
  • Touchpad’s
  • Microphone
  • Electronic Whiteboard
  • OMR
  • OCR
  • Pen Input
  • Punch card reader
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink character reader)
  • Magnetic Tape Drive

Some Output Devices of Computer

  • LCD Projection Panels
  • Monitor (LED, LCD, CRT etc)
  • Printers (all types)
  • Plotters
  • Microfiche
  • Projector
  • Head Phone
  • Computer Output Microfilm (COM)
  • Speaker(s)
  • Visual Display Unit
  • Film Recorder

My opinion
So I hope that you have understood about computer in a good way. If you have not understood anything, then you must read this article once. Or you can ask by commenting and read more tech blogs Thank you.

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