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This masala tea/chai ice cream has all the flavors of warm chai, cinnamon, cardamom, and honey, just to name a few. It looks like a delicious cup of tea latte with sweet but ice cream!


Masala chai or spice tea is a type of tea made from black tea, herbs, and spices. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and is now enjoyed worldwide, often as a chai latte in western coffee shops. There are many types of marsala chai with their own unique combination of herbs and spices. This is my version but feel free to mix spices the way you like your favorite combination.


I use the perfect spices that were possible in this recipe. You can use ground spices instead if you have or cannot get the perfect spices. This can make the ice cream grader but it will still taste good.

Star anise: could be a spice formed sort of a star. It has licorice-like flavor similar to aniseed.

Allspice: are the same small brown spices that look like black peppercorns. They have a similar flavor to a combination of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

Cinnamon sticks: I used regular cinnamon sticks from the store. If you can’t find the sticks you can use 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon instead.

New root: will give a nice new punch to this recipe. If you can’t find something new you can change it to ½ – 1 teaspoon of earth, depending on how much you like it.

Black peppercorns: is the most widely available black pepper spice. If you can’t find the perfect peppercorns you can use ½ spoon ground black pepper.

Cardamon pods are small green heads that are popular in Indian cuisine. It is important to open the pods first to help release their flavor. If you can’t find the perfect cardamon pods you can use ½ a tablespoon of low cardamon instead.

Perfect cloves have a very sweet, thin, nail-like scent. You can use ½ a teaspoon of ground cloves if you can not get enough.

Black tea bags: I used the usual black tea bags in this recipe. You can use a different black tea like earl gray or English breakfast. If you use herbal tea instead it would not be the same color. You can also try using a tea blend but I can still add more spices to give it a better taste.

Honey: I used fragrant honey here to avoid competing with spices. You can mix things with different honey if you like. There I once tried to buy local honey. You can add honey ½ a teaspoon of sugar syrup if you like. It will not be delicious or have the same taste, but it will help with texture and craftsmanship.

Whole cream milk: it should be full of creamy ingredients, so it’s about 3.5%. Anything less will make your ice cream freeze.
Thick cream: I use a thick cream. The main thing is that it needs to have about 35% content.

Egg yokes: use large eggs and separate the whites. You can set aside egg whites to do something else with it, like my beautiful meringue. I have never tried this recipe for egg-laying.

Sugar: regular castor sugar is perfect for this recipe. You can also try brown sugar. I don’t recommend icing sugar/confectioners, it won’t be the same. I’ve never tried this by adding sugar stuff.


Measure all your spices and get ready to add to the ice cream mix to give.
If you use the boiler twice add water to boil.

Put the milk in a small pan and bring it to a boil. Add the tea bags, turn them off and leave on the cliff for three and a half minutes, then remove the tea bags.

Put the egg yolks in a bowl and beat the sugar until foam comes out and foam comes out. Add warm milk and tea mixture about a third at a time, mixing well between the extra angry egg yolks.

Put the cream on top of the double boiler over medium heat. Add the egg, milk, and sugar mixture and stir well to combine. Add honey and spices.

Cook the custard mixture, stirring frequently, making sure to cut the edges until the mixture thickens and wears on the back of a spoon or more. Remove double boiling water from the heat and allow to stand for a few minutes to cool.

Hot Tip: When using a double boiler place the top of the colander on top of the stove to cool to cool.

Transfer carefully to a non-heated container, cover, and refrigerator for at least four hours, i.e. overnight to incorporate all those earthy flavors that are appealing.

Put your ice cream container in the fridge to cool down. If you use a frying pan, turn it on for about ten minutes before removing your ice cream. Alternatively, take a wrapper out of the fridge before wrapping.

Strain the spices into the ice cream mixture, then pour the mixture into the ice cream churner and churn. It will be the same as the soft performance when finished.

Transfer to a refrigerated container and refrigerate until firm.

Serve to remove from the fridge, pick, and enjoy! Delicious with a warm cup of tea on the side and honey coating or on its own. It’s fun!

This ice cream will keep it best in an airtight container for up to two weeks. After this, it may start to freeze but still taste good.

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Why not try to do it

Resources working
ice cream churner
Hand connector or stand connector
double boiler (optional)


1 cup (250mls) whole cream milk
2 bags of black tea
4 large egg yolks
½ cup (120gms) castor sugar
6 cardamon pods
12 cloves
3 total star
¼ Spoon all the black peppercorns
Three sticks of cinnamon
Root inch (1.5cmish) new root
2 cups (500ml) thick cream
1 teaspoon sweet-smelling honey, like clover


  • If you use the boiler twice, drain the intestines first.
  • Put the milk in the pan on the stove over medium heat. When you are warm but not boiling, put tea bags in and turn off the stove. Leave the tea bags on the cliff for three and a half minutes, then remove the tea bags.
  • Measure the egg yolks in a bowl, set the egg whites aside for another recipe.
  • Add the sugar to the egg yolks and beat until lightly browned and creamy.
  • Add the warm milk and mix the tea to the eggs for about, at the same time, mixing well in the extra, irritating the egg yolks.
  • Add milk, tea, sugar, egg yolk mixture to a double boiler, if using. If you are not using a double boiler you will need to put on a small fire and watch it VERY carefully to prevent excessive mixing and chewing of eggs.
  • Add the cream, spices, and honey and mix well.
  • Heat over low to medium heat, watch carefully and stir well to prevent lumps.
  • Mixing is done when applied to the back of the spoon with spots and leaving a clear line when moving your finger on it.
  • Remove the top of the boiler twice and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Transfer the mixture to a heat-proof container and refrigerate for at least four hours, maybe overnight.
  • Place the ice cream container in the fridge to cool. If you are using a self-priming machine turn it on ten minutes before removing it to allow the machine to cool down.
  • Dilute the ice cream mixture, then remove the ice cream. It will be the same as the soft performance when finished.
  • Transfer to a refrigerated container and refrigerate until firm.
  • Serve to remove from the fridge, pick and enjoy! Delicious alone or with an extra drizzle of honey on top. It’s fun!


I used bags of black tea and sweet honey to keep myself from competing with spices. You can mix things up using different flavors of tea or honey if you wish.

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