How to install Free SSL on Shared Hosting

You own website you need SSL certificate. Luckily, you can get one free SSL Certificate.

What is SSL Certificate

Firstly SSL full form Secure Sockets Layer and SSL commonly also called TLS. Encryption-based Internet security protocol. It was first built in 1995 by Netscape for the purpose of privacy, authenticity, and integrity of Internet communication. Read More

Reasons to Use SSL Certificate

Here are the main benefits of intall SSL protocol on your website:

  • Improves website security – SSL writes with sensitive information. Ensures secure data transfer and connectivity.
  • Increases loyalty – enabling SSL compliance demonstrates your commitment to protecting data from visitors, protecting online payments, and complying with GDPR.
  • Improves SEO – popular search engines like Google prioritize HTTPS-enabled sites on their Search Engine Result (SERP) pages.

Install Free SSL Certificate

Now a free SSL certificate is only given laxvhost in advance plan for the Annual Period. so, follow this step to active free SSL certificate in your domain name

1.Log in to your client area and select your Hosting (free SSL gave only advance plan)

2. then after select Hosting, click login Cpanel

3. Finally, you log in into your Cpanel than now open SSL/TSL Status

4. Select All Domain or Separate Domain

5. After select all domains, click Run Auto SSL

6. Wait a few minutes after click Run Auto SSL

7. Finally, your free SSL Certificate is now active

I re-inform you Free ssl In provide only Advance Package for LaxVhost

Features Given Advance Package of LaxVhost

  • FREE DOMAIN. IN, .com
  • SSD Storage: The amount of allocated storage space on high-speed Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  • Free Domain Registration: Business and Premium hosting plans covering 12 months or a longer period come with free domain registration for the first year!”
  • My SQL Database: The number of databases that you will be able to have on your hosting account.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Free SSL Certificate for Your Website. Annual Advance plans include a free SSL certificate. The certificate records the details on the transport platform, ensuring that it is not compromised, released, or forged, and protects your site and visitors.
  • Daily Backup: Daily data backups that ensure the Website safekeeping of files and databases. Backups are maintained for up to a month.
  • Email Account: The number of email accounts you can host with the selected plan.
  • 99% Uptime guarantee:: Guarantee that our servers are running 99.9% uptime. All servers are hired 24/7 by a team of professional management and engineers.
  • 24/7: Customer support live chat 24/7/365 for all users.
  • Expert Cpanel: A custom-developed control panel built to maximize the potential of your website and the service provided for you.
  • WebMail Access: A webmail client that lets you process, receive, and manage your email communications efficiently, from the comfort of your favorite browser.
  • DNS Management: Hostinger allows you to edit Domain Name System (DNS), including A and other kinds of records.
  • Sub-Domain: The total amount of subdomains you can create across all owned domains on a single account.
  • Parked Domain: The number of domains you can register and use as a way to direct users to your main website.
  • FTP Account: File Transfer Protocol or FTP accounts. You can use these accounts to transfer and store data.
  • Inodes: Inodes are objects that correspond to the number of files and folders you have in your account.
  • FTP over SSL: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protected by SSL certificate. FTP over SSL greatly improves the security of the standard FTP service.
  • File Manager: A browser-based tool that lets you manage all the files in your hosting account and website.A data backup made every week, lets you restore your website to a previous point in case of data loss or other issues.
  • Access Manager: A special rights management tool for your web hosting account, used when working with multiple people.
  • Multi PHP Version: Multiple versions (from 5.2 to 7.4) of an open-source scripting language used for web development.
  • PHP Configuration: Ability to modify php.ini file depending on the project. Make some effortless changes through our custom control panel.
  • Remote SQL: The ability for remote hosts to access and manage the MySQL database associated with the hosting account.
  • PHP MY Admin: A powerful tool is written in PHP. This tool allows you to manage MySQL data efficiently.
  • 1 Clik Install: A custom-developed tool that allows you to install over 100+ apps with the help of one single click.
  • Cach Manager: A custom-built caching solution that enables quicker website load times and increased speeds.
  • SSH Access: Otherwise known as Secure Shell access – a type of interface that permits safe access from a remote computer.
  • CronJob: The ability to schedule commands or scripts on a server, which will run according to dictated guidelines.
  • WordPress: Hostinger offers the latest versions of WordPress, provides custom optimization to achieve some of the highest speeds in the industry, and offers a 1-click installation tool.
  • Cloud Linux: Implementation of a leading Linux server platform that ensures server efficiency, stability, and downtime.
  • Curl and Curl SSL: Implementation of a leading Linux server platform that ensures server efficiency, stability, and downtime.
  • Hotlink Protection: A feature that protects your bandwidth by blocking other domains from communicating with the data on your website.
  • Git Protect: The ability to integrate a version control system that quickly and efficiently tracks changes made to a file system, web server, or website.
  • CPU Core: The amount of CPU power given to the server 1 Core.
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Entry Process: Number of website triggered processes
  • Active Process: The total number of processes, e.g. SSH, Cron, etc.

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