Good News Online Shoppers: Now Virtually Impossible To Lose Packages In 2021

In this ever-growing online environment, the packaging and shipping industry has changed dramatically at a level where they can provide full visibility to customers and retailers. Virtual

“We offer a new selection and packaging that revitalizes the ecommerce industry. As all orders attack our online software, each item is provided with a live tracking barcode so that at every step of the journey the customer and the seller can enter and track their order, ”said Juan Klimczak.

Juan Klimczak is head of marketing for NP Fulfillment, one of Australia’s leading and most trusted destinations, picking and packaging, filling and exporting businesses.

“We have all heard shocking news. The never-before-seen $ 600 video game console, bridesmaids’ dresses come in hot colors instead of green grass, or trio of shower bombs come just as a duo. The e-commerce industry has come a long way, and at the same time, the efficiency has been steady since then, ”said Klimczak.

“In the realization of the NP we are proud to lead the transformation of the industry, to open and accurate packaging and packaging solutions, so that no one gets the wrong order, or never arrives. Also, because we provide barcode scaling at the level of the item for each good item before packing, we can guarantee the accuracy of the order by 99.99 percent. ”

According to Klimczak, with their real online tracking capabilities, the NP Fulfilment asset platform gives customers and retailers full visibility throughout the fulfillment process. Whether users are located in Melbourne or Sydney, each order will be selected, packaged, and ready to be shipped from our warehouse within minutes.

“We know where every package is at the moment, and with our technology the customer and the seller, they are also able to track the movement directly. With our shortcut technology it means it is almost impossible to lose packages, ”Klimczak emphasizes.

“Being part of the shipping industry, we have seen firsthand how bad things can get in the way of ecommerce customers and sellers as fingers begin to point when packages appear to be lost.

“As the growth of ecommerce continues to provide consumers with increasing purchasing options, customer satisfaction has never been more important. While price, availability, presentation, marketing, and sales can get you the first purchase, the high customer feeling is what makes you re-do business. The realization of the NP helps to keep customers loyal by providing fast and accurate packaging and selection services. And by handling and processing all orders using a single touch point by following a live track, they free your business from the stress and cost of household items.

“We make selective and aggressive selection of best technologies and processes. In the realization of the NP, we see that traditional selection and packaging processes were unreliable and inconsistent. When third-party management companies use time or simple technology, skills are limited, and errors increase. This leads to many cases of unsolicited shipping, which ultimately leads to dissatisfied customers and costly return items, which should be avoided at all costs. ”

According to Klimczak, they apply strict quality control standards to ensure that each item is scanned prior to packing, eliminating almost all traditional selection and packaging errors. It adds order fulfillment quickly without fear of costly mistakes – orders for their clients are delivered accurately within 24 hours, or they do not pay.

“Beyond item-level bar-code scanning, we keep our clients constantly reporting on items, orders, and shipments. Their business and your customers have the opportunity to receive an email confirmation for each order, as well as access to a real-time fulfillment process, ”explains Klimczak.

“The realization of an NP tends to give your business an unparalleled level of service. That is why it is the only company in Australia to ensure the entire selection and packaging process. We are proud to receive the fulfillment of your order for the first time, but even if an error occurs, our customers will be refunded immediately. And because we are committed to providing the highest level of knowledge and choice, we will also be able to deal with the backlog, and adjust their order at our own expense. ”

Established in 2002, the implementation of the NP is one of Australia’s largest supplier of order fulfillment services. Specifically for customers from ecommerce and online retail, multi-level marketing, direct marketing or re-marketing of omni channel, NP Fulfillment manages by providing clients with fast, accurate and cost-effective storage, asset management, and service selection.

NP fulfillment will select and package orders, and shipped within 24 hours or less, guaranteed. Using state-of-the-art technology and flexible equipment solutions, we are able to customize our offerings to various marketing channels.


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