Aadil Khan & Alisha Singh 7 Dance Reels That Perfect Mood-Refreshers

In times of uncertainty such as these, small changes in mood may appear as trivial to others as they are to others. And with so many apps especially the social media available to us, the emotional rejuvenation needed is possible by viewing content with simple hearts. I also had a moment recently when I wanted to watch something that would free my mind. And while researching on my Instagram feed, I came across Aadil Khan and Alisha Singh’s Dance Reels on some of the best hits that were absolutely thrilling. Some of them also managed to clear my memory, and that feeling of longing helped me to remember the good old days. Want to see Aadil and Alisha dance?

Aadil and Alisha took this movie industryrange from the picture Ishq Vishk and created this wonderful Reel. The selection of this song is absolutely refreshing and fun. I really like them to include the hook step of Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar… are you singing this line or reading it?… ‘Cuz I sang it completely while writing those words there.

So this song can be a kind of remix of one OG but the thrush and that dance movement is really deadly. This song is so unique and has such a sweet vibe that it quickens my emotions and my feet throb. I also love the way Alisha and Aadil have attached their clothes. Fab job guys!

The swagger dance moves to this soulful but playful song from Lagaan was not what I expected but I have to admit, it definitely looks kicking. Aadil and Alisha killed it on this Reel with their dances and I absolutely loved it.

I remember being introduced to this song because of this Reel and I love it. The whole vibe of this video, the song and the chemistry and power of Aadil and Alisha are so amazing that it leaves you feeling happy and refreshed.

This song is the perfect mood! The first bits themselves will prepare you, if not for dancing, but at least rotate and deep even if you are sitting down. Aadil and Alisha were apparently killed in the video, but Honey Singh killed them completely. Sorry guys, but after a while, I was watching Honey groove as a boss!

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Aadil and Alisha had composed this old song with some kind dances and lots of swag. I may have watched this video a hundred times and I may have watched it a hundred times.

Don’t Rush is a number that should be used by Instagrammers as crazy in the gram but this extended version of the song is my faveee. I love the way they took the hook steps from the Reel process and added their own dance steps as well. Aadil and Alisha, you are the perfect rocks!

So, here are some other Reels of Aadil and Alisha dance that I can relate to and keep on Instagram, ’cause you know, they are so fun. These videos are fun and have a good spirit that are not very helpful when it comes to making emotions better. Don’t you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And, I remember the current situation, I sincerely hope that better times are coming soon, until then let’s stay home and stay safe. #fashion

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