5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Andriod In 2021

Hello friends, in today’s new era, everyone clicks photos on own phone and post social media platform. you scroll social media, see the best photos of other one but same time your mind one question, man how editing this pic, and which app use to edit pic. so friends don’t worry, I tell you the top 5 best photo editing android apps in this blog. I will try to give you full details in English, so let’s start with this article.

1. Google Photo

Google Photos is one of Google’s best apps. It has amazing photo backup tools, but photo editing is also great. Tap on the edit icon on any photo and you will get filters and sliders to adjust the look of your photo. Google Photos can be the only place to take photos for everything.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is another Google-owned photo editing app, but this app is a bit more rigorous. It has a huge selection of very powerful photo editing tools and filters. If you are serious about photo editing, a snapshot is an unspoken utility that is couple-free.

Key Features, Tools & Filters Snapseed
  • 29 Tools and Filters, including Curing, Brushed, Textured, HDR, Vision (see list below)
  • opens JPG and RAW files
  • Personal save your personal look and then use them for new photos.
  • Selective Filter Brush Filter
  • Style All styles can be changed with great, precise controls.
  • Create RAW – Open and convert RAW DNG files; Underdeveloped as JPG or save export
  • Tone Image Tone – Adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with precise control.
  • Description – magically reveals surface structures in images.
  • Crop size – standard size or independently.
  • Rotate – rotate 90, or straighten the dull horizon.
  • Perspective – adjust curved lines and complete the geometry of borders or buildings.
  • Balan White Balance – adjust colors so the image is more natural.
  • Brush – Select exposure, concentration, shine, or heat.
  • Selected – Famous “control point” technique: assign position correction to up to 8 points in the image, the rest of the algorithm is magical.
  • Along Curing – Remove uninvited neighbors from a photo.
  • Ignore – Add soft darkness around corners to form beautiful, wide holes.
  • Include both described in text-style or plain text.
  • Wes Curves – Take precise control over the brightness level in your photos.
  • Enlarge – Increase the size of your canvas and fill the new space smartly with your image content.
  • Lens Blur – Add beautiful bokeh (background smoothing) to photos, making it ideal for photos.
  • Lam Glamorous Shine – Add the best shine to photos, great for fashion or photos.
  • On tonal contrast – choose details with shadows, midnights, and highlights.
  • HTRScape – Give your images a great look by creating multiple emotion effects.
  • Play Add notes ending in your pictures (6 styles).
  • Grunge – a thicker look with strong styling and a textured overlay
  • Granular Film – Get a modern film look with realistic grain
  • Vintage – color image style of film from the 50s, 60s, or 70s.
  • Retrolux – retro with mild leaks, scratches, film style.
  • Noir – Black and White film has realistic grain and “wash” effect.
  • Black and White – Classic Black and White will look straight out of the darkroom.
  • Fra Frames – Add frames of appropriate size.
  • Dual Exposure – Combine two photos and choose from integration methods inspired by image shooting and digital image processing.
  • N Facial enhancement – focus on the eyes, add specific facial glow or smooth skin.
  • Face Pose – Adjust the pose of photos based on a three-dimensional model.

3. Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a two-way paid or free version, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides a powerful photo editor and advanced camera app that captures your photos, helping you to capture and edit them. Easy image editing tools for photos such as sliders and filters that make photo editing easy.

Key Features of Adobe Lightroom
  • Change the dimensions and position of an image.
  • A huge array of filters.
  • Add metadata in a simple way.
  • Change the lighting values.
  • Adjust the white balance in various ways.
  • Modify the color strokes.
  • See a before and after of the image.
  • Add curious effects.
  • Undo and redo changes in a snap.
  • Edit using the screen in horizontal or vertical mode.
  • And many more features, filters, and effects.

4. PicsArt 

PicsArt is an awesome all-in-one photo and video editor app. PicsArt provides you everything you would like to create smart coming up with The best part this provide both photo and video editing features, with free

Key Features Photo editor PicsArt
  • Try hot filters for images and advanced photo effects.
  • Remove items and get awesome photo recovery.
  • Use a lot of free photos or edit your photos.
  • Speak your mind: Add text to photos exploitation 200+ beauty fonts.
  • Get a great product with makeup: hair color changer, makeup stickers, and more.
  • smart photo blur background with Smart selection tool.
  • Create beautiful double exposure edit and merge photo layers.
  • Quickly flip through photos and crop.
Key Faetures VIDEO EDITOR OF PicsArt
  • Edit videos or create new ones with the best video maker with music.
  • Bring your amazing stories to life and make live videos.
  • Add music to your video with an extensive library of popular songs.
  • Use Square Fit to add a background after you cut your video clip or post it to your IG for “options“.
  • Use cliché video effects. Quickly change by adding stylish video filters.
  • Trim or Use smart video integration to organize videos or merge videos.
Key Features COLLAGE MAKER of PicsArt
  • Create an amazing photo gallery/collage with all your favorite photos.
  • For photos try Photo Grid, Freestyle Gallery, Scrap, and Frame.
  • It went viral. Create fun memes with our memory generator and share them with friends.
  • Use Story Maker and balance your Instagram game with a Story Template.
  • Find over 60+ million cool stickers
  • Add stickers to photos for fun with the edit.
  • Create your beautiful clipboard and create fun custom stickers using the cutting tool.
Key Features PHOTO EFFECTS of PicsArt
  • Selfie outline with hot sketch effects.
  • Rotate photos into artistic creations with canvas effects.
  • Create popular drop art. Use the drop effect sticker and customize the hybrid model.
  • Create cartoons with amazing magical effects to shoot cartoons.
  • Play with cool doodle art and start doodle for hours.
Key Features DRAWING TOOL of PicsArt
  • Use PicsArt Draw with brushes, layers, and pro drawing tools.
  • Whenever you get bored and get a sheer dress effect, doodle on the photo.
  • Create new art and pictures or create something that is fun.
Key Features REPLAY of PicsArt
  • Re-create popular edits with some palettes. Half-time editing with easy steps to customize.
  • Edit multiple photos in the same style. Keep your Instagram feed trendy and smooth by creating personalized presets.


VSCO is same as PicsArt provide both photo and video editing features, with free.

VSCO is a very important area of ​​expression. We provide a creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and space for who you are.

Free photo photo
Take your photo with 10 free visco presets. Use editing tools like Contrast and Concentration to make your photos pop up or use grain and blur. Organize and play with your photographic approach using crop or curve. Save your favorite edits to the recipe and recreate.

Advanced Photo Editing Tools
Join a VSCO subscription to access the full VSCO preset library with over 200 + presets. Re-create the look of other old films with Kodak, Fuji, Ekfa, and Film X. Use advanced picture redaction tools like HSL and split tone. Design your images by touching colors using borders.

video editor
Transfer your mobile videos from our mobile editor with VSCO premium preset and advanced editing tools. Adjust the white balance and check out to regulate the color with HSL.

VSCO Status
Describe the video and create a moving gallery by placing videos, pictures, and shapes. Celebrate the moments already in your studio, describe the situation, or experiment with photos and videos. Adjust the opacity of a layered medium to create a select range of customized gel colors and double exposure.

Join a creative community
See inspiring photos, videos, and editorials on Discover. Find people you know and join friends at the VS temple. Try something new with special weekly photo challenges for your Visco member.

Membership test and membership submission rules
Start your VSCO membership with a 7-day trial. You will be charged an annual membership fee upon completion of the test. If it is not canceled by the end of the trial period then your VSCO membership will be automatically renewed.

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