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Make easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe | with 2 way

Get two mango ice cream recipes that will be your favorite summer treat. Soft, fluffy, and smooth are the 3 ingredients of these mango ice creams, which are ridiculous with condensed milk, whipping cream, and mangoes. Learn how to make these simple and simple recipes with my videos and a step-by-step photo guide.

About the Recipes

You know that both mango ice cream recipes are easy. All you need is a blender to mix the mango and or the whipping cream mixer.

The first version of mango ice cream included condensed milk, cream, and mangoes. The second version is made with cream, sugar, and mangoes only.

For both recipes, I recommend using mangoes which make up for a thick pulp. Alphonsa mango is best when it produces a thick pulp. Rooney, juicy or water-filled pulp will form ice crystals in ice cream. I also suggest including whipping cream or heavy cream.

Recipe 1: With Condensed Milk

These 3 ingredients Mango Ice Cream are very simple and easy. All you need is a or stand mixer and blender.

There is no added sugar in the recipe as it is sufficient to sweeten the ice cream sweetened with condensed milk. You can always add sugar even if you want to.

Try to use sweet mango as there is no need to add any sugar to the recipe. I used Indian type of Alphonsa mango dessert. If your mango is not sweet, add a little sugar.

no common? dont worry. Use packaged mango puree to make your accompaniment and ice cream here.

If Alphonsa approaches mangoes, add them. It is said that you can make this mango ice cream recipe with any variation of mango. Make sure your mango is not high in fiber.

Recipe 2: With Only Cream

This second version is again a three-ingredient mango ice cream made with mango, fresh cream, and sugar or honey. Yes, vanilla is also included, which is the fourth ingredient. But it is completely optional and you can leave it.

In the second variation of the mango ice cream recipe, you have to beat or tap, while the ice cream mixture will be slightly frozen. This adds an extra step to the recipe. But I can tell you that the flavors and texture are the best and softest ice cream available to you.

In summer, I make these mango ice cream recipes several times. During the Indian summer, markets are overflowing with mangoes. Nowadays I always make it a point to buy organic mangoes.

We like mangoes. What about you every year I make a lot of mangoes-based desserts and drinks. I have shared about 33 mango recipes. Some of our favorites are:

Step-by-Step Guide

Recipe 1: Mango Ice-Cream with Condensed Milk

Prep and Chop Mangoes

1. Rinse Dissolve 3 medium-sized Alphonso mangoes (560 grams) in water twice and then dry. You can use other forms of sweet-tasting mangoes.

2. Then chop the mangoes. For the video, I cut the mango from both sides, as shown in the video above, and then cut the mango into slices.

But be careful when using this method and place the mango on the chopping board and then slice. Do not cut with your hands.

You can choose the common method by first peeling the mangoes and then cutting them.

Blend Mangoes with Condensed Milk

3.Then add chopped mango to a blender or bullet mixer. If mangoes are out of season, add 1.5 to 2 cups of canned mangoes.

4. Add more cans of sweetened condensed milk (400 grams).You can use any Brand type of condensed milk.

5. Blend till smooth and set aside.

6. Ensure that there are no short or thin slices or mango slices in this mixture.

Whip Cream

7. In another large bowl, take 3.5 cups of cold whipping cream. You can also use heavy cream. I used the Indian brand Amul Whipping Cream. With electric ****, start beating the cream.

Tip: Make sure the cream is cold or fluffy.

8. From medium-altitude until you reach hard peaks at high speed. Do not overdo it because the cream can curl.

Amul cream takes longer to whip, so it takes an average of 7 to 9 minutes to whip.

Make sure the cream has cooled. In fact, you can keep the bowl in the fridge for a few hours

9. Then add the mango+condensed milk mixture. Love vanilla with mangoes? Mix 2 tsp vanilla extract at this point.

10.Using an electric blender, at a very low speed, mix everything well and mix gently until the mixture is even, then mix. Do not overdo this step of mixing.

Tip: Give a taste test. If the ice cream is too sweet for your taste, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of milk. Rotate again and mix.

11. Level with a spatula.

12. Cover the bowl with a tight lid or cover tightly with aluminum foil or adhesive wrap. Freeze for 6 to 7 hours or overnight.

For a smooth texture, after setting half of the ice cream, you can remove it from the bowl and then whip or mix it again.

Remember to tightly seal or cover the ice crystals in ice cream to prevent them from forming.

  1. A photo below of art ice cream after setting.
  2. Before serving, keep the ice cream bowl at room temperature for a few minutes or until easily removed. With the ice cream scoop, remove the mango ice cream.

Serve mango ice cream in cups or bowls.

Step-by-Step Guide

Recipe 2: Mango Ice-Cream Recipe (With Cream)

Make Mango Puree

Peel/chop a squash, grate it, and squeeze the juice. Add 1: 2 large Alphonso mangoes and mix well. You will need 2 cups of sliced ​​mangoes.

If canned mango is used, add 1 cup to it and proceed to step 3.

2: Blend to a smooth pulp.

Add Sugar

3. Then in a blender add sugar or jaggery powder and vanilla extract along with mango. You can also use honey.

I made this ice cream with sugar and jaggery powder. Ice cream is delicious both ways.

Keep in mind that you can add sugar or jaggery while mixing the mangoes.

4. Mix well until the sugar dissolves.

Whip Cream

  1. Begin wiping the whipping cream with electric in another bowl. For the cream, I used an Indian brand Amul Whipping Cream.

Make sure you start wiping it before the cream stops

  1. Until you get smooth peaks of cream. Do not overdo it like curling cream, you will get buttermilk and butter.

Mix Mango Pulp

7. Add the whipped cream, mango puree.

8. Fold or mix gently. Do not mix heavily or vigorously – this would lead to the mixture falling flat and losing its volume resulting in a dense texture.

9. Mix the entire ice cream mixture evenly.

10. Pour ice cream mixture into a container or box with a freezer proof. Cover the container tightly with a lid. Even the top with a spatula.


11. Store the ice cream in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours or until half set or half-frozen. Transfer the semi-frozen ice cream to a blender jar or bowl.

Whip Second Time and Freeze

  1. Whip again at a medium speed for 2 to 3 minutes until smooth and an increase in size can be seen. You can place the whip in a blender or food processor.

Then pour into the same container and freeze until the ice cream freezes. Remember to keep the container tightly closed with a lid to prevent the formation of ice crystals.

If you wish, after re-setting the ice cream once, you can soften it.

Serving/Delivery recommendations/Suggestions

Remove the frozen mango ice cream. Wait 5 to 6 minutes, to make it easier to pick up ice cream.

  • Simple and straightforward: You can enjoy mango ice cream in this way.
  • Sweet toppings: hints of honey, maple syrup, chocolate, caramel sauce just yum.
  • Nuts and berries: Add a little crunch or chew, chopped nuts, tutti frutti, candied fruits, or dried fruits. Garnish with some mint leaves to bring freshness.
  • Seasonal fruits: Fresh fruits like cherries, strawberries, blueberries add beautiful color to the garnish and enhance the taste. Mango is delicious to taste over cubes.
  • Love of chocolate: All of you chocolate lovers enjoy ice cream cones, chocolate syrup, or chocolate sauce.
  • Make desserts: You can make desserts like trifles, falooda, or floats.
  • Serve with cold custard or vegetable jelly. Like vanilla ice cream, mango ice cream also blends well with the brown or melted cake.

Storage and Leftovers

Place the remaining ice cream in a lid box or container and freeze in your freezer area. You can go ahead and freeze for about two months.


Expert Tips

  • Mango: To prevent any ice crystals from forming, use mangoes that give a thick pulp when mixed. Plants that have a high amount of water will form ice crystals.
  • Cream: For a smooth and creamy texture, make mango ice cream with cold whipping cream or heavy cream. For best results and smooth texture, wipe the cream thoroughly You can also whip the cream in a blender, food processor, or a hand-held blender.
  • Sweet/Candy: The taste can be changed regularly to suit your needs. You can use raw castor sugar, jaggery, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and palm sugar to make the second version of the recipe.
  • Color: The color of mangoes varies from a pale yellow to a deep bright yellow. So the color of the mango you use will determine the color of your mango ice cream.
  • Vegetarian version: You can choose to make another vegetarian mango ice cream. Replace whipping cream with coconut cream.
  • Scaling: Both dishes are easy to measure to make a small or large package.


Can I make these mango ice cream recipes with the ice cream maker?

Yes actually. First, prepare the mango puree. Mix mango with sugar for another recipe. Add the remaining ingredients (whatever recipe you use) and mango puree to your ice cream maker. Knead until the ice cream freezes. What makes ice crystals in homemade ice cream?

If there is too much water in the ice cream mixture, ice crystals are formed in any home ice cream. When making these dishes, I recommend using whipping cream or heavy cream and mango, which when mixed will give a thick pulp.

If the mangoes are too juicy and full of water, the pulp will turn into water and water, resulting in the formation of ice crystals. Remember to close or close your ice cream bowl or box safely and tightly so that an ice crystal does not form. How to make an ice cream blender with this recipe?

Simple/easy! Instead of separating the cream separately, mix the puree in the cream with the mango puree, until smooth peaks are formed.

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