How to Setup Host Fast Loading WordPress Sites on DigitalOcean?

Hello Friends Welcome to GP Indian Knowledge Hindi Blog, Today I will teach you how to host a WordPress website in Digitalocean, today I will try to find out how to easily host a WordPress website in Digitalocean !.

What a Digitalocean!
First, let’s talk about what Digitalocean is, Digitalocean is an American cloud service provider, Digitalocean has its data centers around the world, in India and we have the Digitalocean data center.

Digitalocean is world famous today for its performance and security, today bloggers use more cloud hosting like Digitalocean, today all of our websites are hosted on Digitalocean.

Digitalocean features!
Today Digitalocean is world famous, Digitalocean has some special features behind it such as .Solid-State Drives (SSD)
DNS management
99.99% SLA for leisure time
Easy Measurement With Multi-Functional API
Simple control panel
Private Communication
Floating IPs
More Datacenter locations

Why use Digitalocean Shaheed!
First of all, I have also been using Digitalocean for the past 2 years, the GP Indian website is also hosted on Digitalocean, so far none of my websites have been down or there was a problem.

Previously I used Shared Hosting, so I used to get 2 to 3 emails a day, brother, your website is not open, there are some problems, so if you use Digitalocean then you will not find such a problem.

Digitalocean storage is pure SSD, so you get high website speed and if it is secure, then we should use Digitalocean.

How to Host a WordPress Site in Digitalocean!
Today’s article writes about the attention of a new blogger, so I’ll show you from creating a new Digitalocean account to hosting a wordpress website, so let’s start this article today.

How to open a new account at Digitalocean!
Creating an account at Digitalocean is very easy, just have an email and payment method (Credit Card / Paypal), and after that you can easily create a new account.

Digitalocean offers credit to a new user, this time you get credit from $ 10 to $ 100 at Illuminate Free, you can use it to host your website at Illuminated Free.

If you create a new account with this link, you will receive a guaranteed credit, so you can create a new account by clicking the link below, now that I am writing this article, get the full $ 100 for two months.

Note: The credit limit on Digitlocean varies, if no provision is made and if you create a new account with our link you will receive a guaranteed $ 10 credit.

Step # 01
As soon as you open the link, a page will be opened in front of you, where the green line will be written, by clicking here, you will create a new account, you will get a $ 100 free credit, and you will click on this green line.

Step # 02
After this, here you can create a new account by email, Google Account and GitHub Account, and you like the option according to you, I will create a new account with the help of email, and then I will start clicking to register by email.

Step # 03
After this, you must enter your name, email and password here and click the register button.
After entering a name, email and password, you will need to confirm the email, the email will arrive in your email, there will be a link to it, if you click on it, your email will be confirmed.

Step # 04
Here you have to enter the payment method, you need to do proof of ownership, here you have two options, the first is Credit / Bank Card and Paypal.

Credit / bank card: In this way you can use your bank card, in addition to the credit card, you can also use your ATM card or bank card, but that card must be VISA / MasterCard and within it If you want to start International Transactions, where- then you can use this method.

Step # 05
As your new account opens, you’ll see a build option in the top menu, click on it, and then click on the Dragons.

Step # 06
After this, you have to click on Marketplace, after which the first option would be to select WordPress.

Step # 07
After this, you have to choose your server plan, now here your budget will be based on that plan you have to choose, if your website is completely new, then I will tell you to choose $ 10.

Step # 08
After this, you have to choose the location of your VPS (Virtual Private Server), here the special thing about Digitalocean is that you have to set the location on the other side, where other providers charge money separately.

So here I am going to choose an Indian data center in Bangalore.

Step # 09
Additional options: In Digitalocean you get some special features and everything is free, so here you choose private network connectivity, IPv6 and Monitoring.

Authentication: Here you have to choose a one-time password and it will be a one-time password for your server and it will come to your email.

Step # 10
After this, you have to give the name of your Droplet, here you can set anything, here I write the domain name we will use.

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